Grant review guidelines

The following are the guidelines the grant review boards follows to support their decision making.

General Guidelines

The Community Fund supports initiatives that focus on skill-sets that are essential to the tech community. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Computer engineering / development and operations
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Data analysis, warehousing, and development
  • Software testing
  • Product management
  • Tech-focused project management

The Community Fund mainly supports open initiatives and events (i.e. that are open to all).

  • The exception to this are initiatives that may require participants to purchase tickets, such as talks with expensive speakers or preparation of conferences.

The Community Fund aims to support projects that require small amounts of money to have an intended impact. We want the fund’s support to have an impact.

  • This means that the fund might not support bigger events where a smaller grant contribution will not impact the viability of the event in a meaningful way.

The Community Fund generally does not support the following:

  • Marketing events
  • Events that focus on a product or startup
  • Events where the funds’ contribution is only a small part of the

The Community Fund aims to answer all requests within 5 working days.

Guidelines / Terms to grant receivers

Events that receive grants should mention that the event is sponsored by the Community Fund and link to the website. (see confirmation email for further info)

By accepting the grant, grant are accountable for using the grant in accordance to the stated purpose of their application.

Grant receivers give the Community Fund and its partners and operators full rights to mention the event or project in marketing and press material related to the fund.

About the fund

The Community Fund empowers the grassroots of the tech community in Iceland by easing their access to funds and support. It is created for smaller projects like meetups, workshops, knowledge sharing and conference preparation, that are likely to enrich the tech community.

The fund was founded in May 2017.

We will evaluate the effect and outcomes of the fund in a year's time, and decide whether to raise another edition.